About RMC Röthelsteiner Mineral Consulting

Röthelsteiner Mineral Consulting GmbH was founded in 2008 by Elisabeth Krobath, with the support of Heinz Glössl, for their daughters Elisabeth and Anette. With its head office located in Röthelstein, Elisabeth Krobath has been the managing director of the company since its formation.

The founding concept was to focus on the trade of mineral resources for industry. Sand, gravel and cement for the construction industry; limestone, quartz and coal for the paper and steel industries. However it soon became clear that it would not just be about trade, but also about the development of raw material mining sites.

Due to many years of experience in the fields of mining, landfill construction and concrete production both at home and abroad, as well as with power plants, barrier construction and tunnelling, these activities soon became a high priority for the company. The result was a number of investments in other similar companies.

The management

Elisabeth Krobath


E. elisabeth.krobath@rmc.co.at

Anette Glössl


E. anette.gloessl@rmc.co.at